Music video, forerunner of the conceptual cycle "Lullaby404".
Developing the idea of screen phantasmagoria, we experimented with shooting, graphics, music. Don't look for the meaning of the video. But if it's important: the artist will create your portrait, and sometimes, as a bonus ... materializes your fantasies.
©℗ Anigraph, 2010
Performers: Emiliia (@emilii.ko), Alexander, Ulyana, Julia
Story, direction, animation: Nikola
Directing, shooting: Ruslan Borillo
Costume: Elena Kovalchuk
Technical assistance: Vitaly, Peter, Anton
Location: Lion Studio
Music: Nikola
Arrangement, recording, mastering: Oleg Myshlovsky
Lyrics: Shumi & Nikola
Vocals: Shumi
Producer: Nikola

[concept staging] Музична фантасмагорія